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Astro Image Consulting

Psychologist Carl Jung once said, ‘Like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.’

From Polished to Perfection

The way of dressing as well as behavior is substantially defined by our zodiac signs. Our style preferences are true reflections of our astrological signs. Every zodiac sign reflects an image and only an Astro image consultant knows how to redefine your personal style to get that starry image.

Discover the colors, shapes and styles that allows you to look your best

Style as per your star signs and express your persona with a unique zodiac touch

If clothing is a form of passionate self expression why not choose to dress as an external expression of your inner essence to present your astro image


Astrology is based on agricultural principles, so what harvests we reap will depend on what “seeds” we sow, and our efforts to cultivate them.

Image Consulting

Image Matters as people make judgement and assumptions based on limited information. It is essential to create a powerful first impression to be successful in personal, professional and social life.

Voice over

Words mean more than what is put down on a paper. It takes human voice to infuse them with a deeper meaning. It indeed is a blessing to have a soulful voice and even better to polish the skills needed to become a good voice-over artist.

Wedding Planning

Traditional or modern? Light or Bright ? Heavy or Light ? Chiffon or Satin? Empire waist or Scoop neckline? With so many options to choose from, today’s bride does not have it that easy.

What’s your ASTRO IMAGE?

The way our body is comprised of multiple organs and systems which come together to function as a whole human being, the components of a horoscope work in tandem to create personality and life patterns. Our natural coloring and bone structure was decided at the moment of conception. We can’t change those things but we can definitely strengthen our stars to reinvent our Astro image

Why two people with the same sun signs be so different?

Many people are unaware that astrology involves anything other than a Sun sign. The sun sign tells us only about the core of our personality. Weekly horoscopes that often appear in the paper are based solely on the sun and this gives absolutely no valid information at all. There are five signs that sum up your astro image.

Can we predict something about a person just by seeing his or her dressing sense?
Clothes make a statement without saying a word. Specific characteristics, traits or design details in clothing serve as signs, symbols, cues or clues to make a statement and to communicate a message.
Which planet rules voice over industry?
Mercury is a planet which rules speech and voice. Well placed mercury in a horoscope makes one’s speech very clear and effective to explain things properly as well as in an entertaining manner. Such people are successful as voice over artists and radio jockeys.
Does Personal Style works only for women?
Personal style works on the ancient Chinese concept of yin and yang. Men have their own individual style. Well dressed men are generally more successful in life and communicate a precise and distinct message of power, personality and strong business acumen.
Does the color of the wedding attire really matter?
Happiness is getting married in your lucky colors. It’s extremely important to create a harmonious color palette with your auspicious colors to celebrate the best reflection of your wedding attire with your signature shades.

About Me

Geetanjali Mehra is India’s First Astro Image Consultant to amalgamate Astrology with Image Consulting. She has been working as an International Astro Consultant with All India Federation of Astrologers Societies( AIFAS) American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR) and British Association of Vedic Astrology(BAVA)

She is a Certified Image Consultant with India’s leading Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) The fast growing market of Wedding industry inspired Geetanjali Mehra to execute Astro Image in a creative way and she certified as a Wedding Planner and Coordinator with wedding planning Institute of Canada( WPIC) as well as with famous bridal couturier and costume stylist Manish Malhotra

Enter the mysterious world of signs to reinvent your
ASTRO IMAGE and carve out a beautiful YOU


Aries usually has a very good taste and their wardrobe generally has bold colors with strong differences. They are the attention Seekers and it goes without saying that their clothes and choice of accessories turn heads. The style of Ajay Devgan screams masculine and his formula to stick to classic outfits never goes wrong.

Taurus is a sign mainly associated with the neck and throat hence any emphasis on these body parts with fashion accessories help gaining the most favorable attention. Famous Taurus Celebrities Madhuri Dixit, Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz are often spotted embracing their beautiful necks with exquisite jewelry.

Gemini are the folks with an intense love for life and they love to talk and talk and talk, therefore called the life and soul of a party. Lively and social prints like florals, birds and butterflies often brings them luck. How can we forget Sonam Kapoor wearing the “Butterfly” couture at Cannes designed by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.


The most sensitive of all signs, is a sign ruled by moon. They are the dreamers of dreams so wearing white often let them connect with their planet to create beautiful worlds from their rich imagination and also safeguard them offering a sense of peace. Priyanka Chopra showcases her figure in white often, the recent one in Oscars 2017


The rich and royal sign of zodiac by Sun rules one’s self esteem and confidence. Yellow/Gold is the favorable colour for them which increases the qualities of sun and strengthen their inner solar hero. Saif Ali Khan ensures that he never lets his class dip for even a day. What makes him so stylish is his royal style and the grace with which he carries himself


Virgo is a perfectionist and detail oriented zodiac sign. Their fashion sense is stylish as well as sophisticated. Being an earth sign they stand out beautifully in those colors that comes straight from nature. Kareena Kapoor is well known in Bollywood industry for her love of pastel and earthy shade attires


Libran often tend to look younger than their age. Undoubtedly, Rekha looks much younger than any yester year Bollywood actress. This Venus-ruled sign looks over architecture and beautiful buildings so pattern that feature a symmetrical structure belongs to them. Many of the Librans often look for such symmetry in their clothing and accessories. Parallel lines, plaids and checks appeal them the most .


Scorpion’s seamlessly integrate with textures that reflect the creatures therefore prints like snakeskin, zebra and of course leopard print in a dark colour palette suit their sign and often brings them good luck. It’s not at all easy to pull off an animal print attire and no one rocks like Sushmita Sen being a perfect scorpio.


Sagittarius always plays it safe. They prefer simple dressing with minimal makeup and hairdos. Being experimental they are game to try on new prints and patterns, but never go overboard and compromise comfort for style. Yami Gautam & Diya Mirza are well known for their sophisticated style quotient being true Sagittarian Bollywood celebrities.


Capricorns and their passion for attires with net and lace bestow them a stunning style statement quite naturally. Capricorn wears this material better than all the rest especially in their signature colour black. Famous Capricorn Celebrities Deepika Padukone, Kate Middleton & Kate Moss are often spotted in delicate lace attires.


Aquarius rules Digital prints and Contemporary patterns They are usually gifted with an ability to carry all kinds of styles and dressing trends. Bohemian wear is their hot favourite, Preity Zinta and Urmila Matondkar are often spotted more in boho flouncy outfits.


Pisces is a creative water sign and their soft curls and hair locks are a canvas of their creativity. They mostly prefer natural wavy hair styles and love experimenting with sea shades and it does offer them a dreamy persona. As one of the original super models Cindy Crawford had been a beauty icon known for her voluminous and tousled waves.


It’s the BRIDE who makes the dress…

It’s the BRIDE who makes the dress…

Clothes as text, clothes as narration and clothes as the story of our lives. And if you were to gather all the clothes you have ever owned in all of your life, each baby shoe and winter coat and wedding dress, you would have your autobiography

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A Lotus grows in the mud

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Stars & Speech

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Time to blend the science of ASTROLOGY with the finesse of IMAGE CONSULTING

Geetanjali Mehra helps you discover your own personal style in terms of color and silhouette analysis, closet auditing, personal shopping, corporate makeup and effective communication skills. She takes you through a process of evaluation, understanding your lifestyle, shopping preferences, personal and professional goals and finally what your budget is. Once you’ve got your new look set up, she will remain available for continued guidance and encouragement.

Being India’s first astro image consultant she will help you find your style statement and color quotient based on your planets and signs to add an element of good luck and fortune to your lifestyle. So, whether you’re looking for a new job, a promotion, or just a way to look and feel better, consult her now to improve your personal as well as professional image

Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and NOW is exactly the right moment to make it happen